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Thank you for sharing your records with us. We rely upon volunteered information to keep our database up to date. We hope you find this form a pleasure to use. If you experience any difficulties, or can suggest improvements, we welcome feedback via

A valid species record must include the actual name(s) of any observers. Unfortunately we are unable to use anonymous records, including records where an alias has been provided e.g. 'WildlifeWill82' or 'A. Resident'. If you are uncomfortable with your name being stored, and shared with partners, as part of your records then please do not submit them. Likewise if you are submitting records on behalf of somebody else enter their name(s) in the observers field and only submit the record if they are comfortable with their name forming part of the record. We do not provide recorder names to the general public but do include them in data exchanges with partner organisations.

We ask for your telephone number and email address so that we may contact you if we need to discuss any of the records you have submitted today. If you sign-up and login you won't be asked for these details again and, once we've built the capability, you will be able to view all of the records you have submitted via your 'My Records' page. Thank you for your patience whilst we make these improvements.


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