Greater Manchester Local Record Centre

Greater Manchester Local Record Centre
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We would like to thank the City of Manchester for their financial support in setting up this website.

The establishment of the Greater Manchester Local Records Centre has been possible thanks to funding from Natural England, the Environment Agency, and the City of Manchester.


Greater Manchester Biodiversity Project

See the Greater Manchester Biodiversity Project page for an overview of the role of this organisation.

About the GMLRC

This website has been set up to inform the people of Greater Manchester about the wildlife which shares their cities, towns and surrounding countryside. Also to encourage people to record what they see, and to submit their sightings to the Greater Manchester Local Record Centre (GMLRC).

GMLRC forms part of a network of LRCs that now cover almost the whole of the UK. Our main roles are:

To actively encourage wildlife recording across the 10 districts of Greater Manchester (see the map for the areas we cover), by providing advice and support to individual recorders and recording groups.
To build up a detailed knowledge of the distribution of Greater Manchester's wildlife and monitor changes, by ensuring that as much of the wildlife data as possible that is collected in GM, is held in a central database and made available to people who need it.
To provide the general public with information about their local wildlife and sites, as far as is possible, whilst protecting vulnerable species.
To support the Visit the website (opens into new browser window)Greater Manchester Biodiversity Project through the supply of up to date information regarding local and national BAP species.
To act as a link between local recorders and the Visit the website (opens into new browser window)National Biodiversity Network, who make wildlife data available at a national level for research and conservation purposes.


For more information about the roles your Local Record Centre fulfils and services we offer download this helpful booklet.

Download the booklet

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